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The price of Oxygis licences is adapted according to the category of user.
For public organisations (cities, regions, inter-municipal organisations, etc.), the cost associated with using Oxygis is linked to the number of inhabitants.
For private organisations, it is the number of users that determines the price of the software dedicated to the inventory management and maintenance of your assets.

Oxygis offers dedicated support services in the form of success packs. Our entire team will dedicate a certain number of hours of work to you, to meet your needs, whether it be training, configuration or IT development.

Oxygis integrates into an existing data environment. Whether it is a matter of integrating a set of information at start-up or carrying out regular synchronization with a GIS, Oxygis puts in place the mechanisms adapted to your context and requirements.

In its mobile version, Oxygis is available on all Android devices. While tablets are recommended for greater viewing comfort and convenience, Oxygis is also accessible on smartphones.

You need an Internet connection to use Oxygis. However, in the event of a network loss on the mobile version of the mapping software, all modifications and interactions can be made offline and will be synchronised as soon as the connection is re-established.

As Oxygis is a SaaS solution in the cloud, its users benefit from the latest updates as soon as they are available. This applies to both the web version and the mobile application of the software, dedicated to the inventory and maintenance of your assets. In order to provide a quality after-sales service, Oxygis also informs you and accompanies you to help you easily integrate these new features.

Oxygis is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. As such, the web and mobile applications are equipped with the latest cybersecurity technologies, in terms of access and storage of various data. Oxygis also implements established protocols to counter any potential threats around its interfaces.

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