Digitalising the inventory of the Domain of the Caves of Han

The Domain of the Caves of Han is a tourist complex with numerous attractions: an animal park, an underground network of caves, but also reception structures, technical infrastructures, accommodation, shops, etc. Located in the Province of Namur, in Belgium, it covers more than 275 hectares and welcomes nearly 400,000 visitors per year.

At the heart of this true Walloon tourist reference, nearly 200 people ensure the comfort and safety of all: visitors, staff and animals.

The needs of the Domain of the Caves of Han

The solutions provided by Oxygis

Draw up a complete inventory of the site's assets, without wasting time

The Domain of the Caves of Han inventoried all of its spaces, assets and equipment in an efficient and rapid manner. First of all, it imported certain existing data, such as the various cadastral parcels that make up the estate. But it also inventoried its assets from the field, geolocating and describing each element deemed useful.

List each signpost

This inventory is particularly useful for listing the various directional signs or plaques in the animal park. Structures that have been placed over the years, without being really listed, described or illustrated in a directory. Thanks to our heritage inventory management software platform, the Domain of the Caves of Han now keeps an objective record of these structures, but also monitors their condition and organises repairs and checks.

Report a fault clearly and accurately

Thanks to our maintenance management software, field operations teams of the Domain of the Caves of Han can easily report a defect in equipment. This can happen when a fault is discovered by chance, during another curative or preventive activity. But also during a regular inspection campaign.

In all cases, Oxygis will facilitate the actions of the employees: our management solution allows them to report an anomaly in a clear and precise manner, and to add all the elements necessary for the rest of the teams to understand it properly: photos, comments, etc.

Asset maintenance software for the Domain of the Caves of Han

Monitor operations on a daily basis

The employees of the Domain can, if they wish, follow the resolution of a reported problem, and thus ensure the safety and/or comfort of visitors, staff and animals.

Centralise all operations in an intervention management software

Whether preventive (inspection) or curative (repair or replacement), the various activities of the Domain of the Caves of Han will be managed directly in our SaaS solution, both web and mobile.

A team leader will define, describe and document the interventions to be carried out. He or she will then schedule them in the agendas of the various teams. The teams can access this information directly from the mobile application: they receive their work instructions, but they can also send in any information of interest to their managers: conclusions, comments, equipment used, new illustrations, etc.

Logiciel de maintenance pour le Domaine des Grottes de Han

"Through its various functionalities, Oxygis will allow us to have a complete, shared and updated inventory of the park's assets. We can monitor the state of the estate and ensure the comfort and safety of the public, animals and staff. And we will be able to manage all activities on the site's (infra)structures in an efficient, reliable, fast and modern way."

Jean-François Ledent

General Manager – Domain of the Caves of Han

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