Making the playgrounds of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert safer

The Brussels Region municipality has some thirty playgrounds on its territory: playgrounds, skateparks, playgrounds, etc. These are specific facilities that must meet legal obligations in terms of safety.

The needs of the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

The solutions provided by Oxygis

Respect the legal obligations in terms of safety

Our maintenance management software helps Woluwe-Saint-Lambert to meet the general safety obligation for playgrounds.

The municipality can keep a record of all operations carried out, according to its inspection and maintenance scheme. It centralises the documents relating to risk analysis and preventive measures. It also records every incident or accident report, so that it can communicate them to the competent authorities if necessary.

These are all elements that enable it to prove the good management of the municipality on a daily basis, in the event of an inspection.

Personalise your playground inventory

Saving time, the municipality was able to integrate its existing database into its Oxygis inventory.

Another major advantage is that this inventory is completely personalised and goes beyond the simple framework of playground equipment. It also lists street trees, benches, hedges, waste bins, etc.

Finally, with Oxygis, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has the choice of consulting all of the equipment in its playgrounds on a map basis or a list. This option allows it to identify and locate its various infrastructures quickly and efficiently.

Consult the technical data sheet of a swing from its app

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert can describe each element of its inventory and add useful details, such as the brand of a zip line, its model, the year of production, the reference number, etc. It can also attach images, plans, photos or files.

In this way, the team can consult the technical data sheet for a swing or the risk analysis for a slide, directly on the field, thanks to the mobile app.

Management of playground maintenance with Oxygis software in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Facilitate the planning of interventions

The playground operator can easily integrate all of his one-off actions into his maintenance schedule. But Oxygis also helps them to plan all their recurring interventions, based on their inspection and maintenance schedule: daily or weekly inspections, monthly or bimonthly maintenance, annual periodic inspections….

Our intervention management software highlights imminent unplanned operations, those that are overdue or to be completed. A real decision-making aid!

Ease the flow of information

By offering both a web and mobile application, Oxygis facilitates communication between the field teams and the operators in charge of planning: in both directions, the instructions and feedback from the field are clear, explicit and easy to transmit. In this way, everyone knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Gestion de la maintenance des aires de jeux avec le logiciel Oxygis à Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

"Oxygis allows us to organise the maintenance of our playgrounds in an easy and modern way. Now we don't need paper records, and the field operations teams are that much faster and more efficient, without sacrificing safety !"

Dirk Uytterhoeven

Chief Inspector – Municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

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