Centralized inventory

Have better control over the management of your spaces and the maintenance of your equipment ! Oxygis helps you to take an inventory of all your assets in an intuitive and efficient manner. A centralised inventory, easy to compile and update, whether you already have a database or not.

Digitalise your inventory

Map your assets in a few clicks. Operate from the web on a base map, or directly on the field from a mobile phone.

Asset inventory management software
Asset inventory management software

View your assets

In the office or on the field, consult all your geospatial data, in map or list form. Access the description of your various assets and equipment: custom fields, photos, documents…

Enrich your database

Personalise each of your properties with a customised description. This can take the form of free content or pre-structured data.

Also attach various media (photos, plans, instructions, etc.), accessible both on computer and on mobile.

Asset inventory management software

Consult the history of your interventions

Find all the interventions and reports made on your spaces and equipment. Keep a strong traceability of your operations. And take preventive action, thanks to this data.

Integrate your NFC chips

Attach automatic recognition elements to your assets. This will allow you to identify them with certainty, via a simple scan on the ground.

Import your cadastral parcels

Use official data to integrate your items reliably, without having to draw them in our asset management software.


The other features

Quickly deal with issues observed in real time on the field. Efficient asset management that reduces risks and costs.

Plan, supervise and record your corrective or preventive maintenance, depending on the availability and location of your teams.

Centralise all interventions to be carried out on the field. Assign them to the appropriate team and communicate all relevant information to them.

Take advantage of all our benefits ! In addition to our four main functionalities, our software also has a number of cross-cutting options.

Let's discuss your project

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