Easily manage your maintenance of spaces and equipment ! Oxygis helps you to take an intuitive and efficient inventory of all your assets. A centralised inventory, which you can consult and update at any time, in the office or on the field.

Oxygis allows you to quickly process anomalies or incidents reported on the field. List all information useful for resolving the problem and schedule each action to be taken. Rapid management, which limits risks and costs.

Effectively manage your maintenance operations, whether they are one-off or recurring. Oxygis allows you to visualise all the work to be carried out on the field. Prepare them as well as possible, by sharing all useful information with your teams.

A real decision-making aid, Oxygis shows you the priority interventions, according to a given context. Easily plan your maintenance according to the availability and location of your teams. Supervise and record them directly in the application.

In addition to these four main features, our software also has many other options. They have been designed to facilitate your work and that of your teams, during all your inventory and maintenance operations.

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