Facilitate the maintenance of your tourism and leisure facilities

Tourist areas, zoos, campsites, animal parks, public areas or playgrounds: the Oxygis software simplifies the mapping and maintenance of your leisure activities and attractions.

Dedicated to the inventory management of your assets and equipment, our collaborative tool is beneficial to:

Ensure the safety of your equipment

View all your equipment in an exhaustive manner

Geolocate your pens or rides

Plan your preventive maintenance operations

Facilitate communication with your internal and external teams

Ensure the safety of the public

Oxygis allows you to easily carry out your work in the presence of a large public. Thanks to our tool, you can monitor your operations in real-time, whether they are scheduled or unscheduled. You can thus do everything possible to offer a quality service and ensure the comfort and safety of all.

Manage and synchronise all your field operations

Oxygis offers you a web and mobile platform that allows you to manage all of your operations, from the creation of a repository of your assets to interventions in the field.
Updated live, this collaborative tool allows you to synchronise the actions of different teams. It facilitates communication between them and offers efficient monitoring of operations carried out in the field.
Thanks to a well thought-out User Experience, our intervention management software can be quickly deployed in the field, while adapting to the context of each particular situation.

Make an inventory of your wayfinding signs

Take an inventory of all the signs intended for the public, mentioning their location, their characteristics and their photo. This inventory is carried out directly on the field, using our mobile application.

Don't let your rubbish bins overflow

All your employees can contribute to solving your cleanliness problems : in the mobile application, they can easily mention the presence of full bins or abandoned rubbish, and thus communicate the information to the responsible teams.

Set up your maintenance plan

Plan the different phases of preventive maintenance in your agendas. Repeat them on a regular basis and adapt their frequency if necessary with a few clicks, depending on particular circumstances and emergencies.


The price of Oxygis licences is adapted according to the category of user.
For public organisations (cities, regions, inter-municipal organisations, etc.), the cost associated with using Oxygis is linked to the number of inhabitants.
For private organisations, it is the number of users that determines the price of the software dedicated to the inventory management and maintenance of your assets.

Oxygis offers dedicated support services in the form of success packs. Our entire team will dedicate a certain number of hours of work to you, to meet your needs, whether it be training, configuration or IT development.

Oxygis integrates into an existing data environment. Whether it is a matter of integrating a set of information at start-up or carrying out regular synchronization with a GIS, Oxygis puts in place the mechanisms adapted to your context and requirements.

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