Facilitate the management of your crops and livestock

Beneficial for nurserymen, farmers, horticulturists or foresters, Oxygis maps and organises the maintenance of your crops and livestock.

Our dedicated crop and livestock mapping and management software is useful for:

Inventory your crops and species distributions

Visualise the distribution of your plots according to whether you are a tenant or owner

Geolocate your equipment to be repaired : fences, irrigation system...

Plan your cutting operations or phytosanitary treatments

Communicate in an optimised way with your internal and external teams

Keep track of your plantations and all treatments carried out

View all your plots at a glance

Oxygis allows you to represent all of your business plots in a truly efficient manner, whether your plots are fragmented, disjointed, of considerable size, located far apart or are subject to a hybrid management method.
Our inventory management software is a great help to the crop and livestock industry and allows for cartographic visualisation without prior knowledge or training.

Organise the maintenance of your land according to the seasonal cycle

Our maintenance management tool is perfectly adapted to accompany you in your work throughout the year. Our management solution is just as practical during periods of intense, one-off activity, such as harvesting, as it is during the long-term monitoring processes.
Oxygis also facilitates your maintenance planning: you plan your seasonal interventions in advance and supervise the schedules of your teams. Always with a clear view of the tasks to be carried out, and the possibility to plan a recurrence, frequency or period for each of them.

View your different planting plans

Visualise your planting plans accurately and appropriately. They can be distinguished by species type, by cadastral reference … These categorisations can be used as a reference for your treatments.

Identify the signs of disease on your crops

Use the mobile application to identify plants affected by pests. Document your observations with remarks or photos, and plan the appropriate phytosanitary treatments.

Communicate with your teams

Indicate precisely the location of the plots to be treated to your teams. Thanks to the mobile application, follow the progress of all your interventions clearly and precisely.


Oxygis is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. As such, the web and mobile applications are equipped with the latest cybersecurity technologies, in terms of access and storage of various data. Oxygis also implements established protocols to counter any potential threats around its interfaces.

You need an Internet connection to use Oxygis. However, in the event of a network loss on the mobile version of the mapping software, all modifications and interactions can be made offline and will be synchronised as soon as the connection is re-established.

As Oxygis is a SaaS solution in the cloud, its users benefit from the latest updates as soon as they are available. This applies to both the web version and the mobile application of the software, dedicated to the inventory and maintenance of your assets. In order to provide a quality after-sales service, Oxygis also informs you and accompanies you to help you easily integrate these new features.

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