Mapping your forest, with precision

Oxygis facilitates the management of your forest resources, from census to geolocation, including the planning of your forestry operations.

Our software dedicated to forest mapping and management is useful for:

Make an inventory of dead trees (DT) and trees of biological interest (TBI), according to the law

Define your Simple Management Plan (SMP)

Geolocate your forest plots to be treated

Plan your forestry operations

Communicate easily with your subcontractors

Record your activities (observations, felling, work, etc.)

Geolocate each of your species perfectly

Oxygis is a unique collaborative tool that allows you to draw up your forest inventory and geolocate all of your forest resources: trees of interest (DT and TBI), stands, plots, etc. This mapping, combined with the possibility of describing and attaching photographs, allows you to identify each element of your property without fail, even if it is very large.

Exchange reliable information with your teams

Our Oxygis mobile application facilitates communication between managers and field operations teams, whether they are internal or external to the organisation. It allows you to obtain feedback that is crucial for the proper management of your forestry plots.

This is all the more important as forest management brings together a number of complementary professions, whose activities are often established over time. It therefore requires the exchange of reliable and accessible information over the long term, between the different teams. It also implies being able to understand it unambiguously – the more complex the benchmarks in the forest.

Rely on a robust management tool, available offline

In order to properly manage your forest resources, we have designed a tool that is easy to access, robust and efficient. The Oxygis mobile application is also very ergonomic and accessible without an Internet connection, which makes it particularly suitable for woodland environments.

Examine your property boundaries accurately

With Oxygis, you can generate a map of your cadastral parcels. Our import tool allows you to easily define your property limits and those of neighbouring properties, without having to digitise them.

Identify your trees of biological interest

On a daily basis, geolocate your trees of biological interest (TBI) and dead trees (DT) on the ground. Specify their characteristics and add a photo, even without a connection, to centralise the information and communicate it to the competent service.

Organise your logging operations

List all harvesting operations (felling, delimbing, skidding, transport, etc.) on your plots or on your purchased wood lots. Assign these tasks to the responsible teams (internal or external). Plan them and monitor their progress


The price of Oxygis licences is adapted according to the category of user.
For public organisations (cities, regions, inter-municipal organisations, etc.), the cost associated with using Oxygis is linked to the number of inhabitants.
For private organisations, it is the number of users that determines the price of the software dedicated to the inventory management and maintenance of your assets.

Oxygis offers dedicated support services in the form of success packs. Our entire team will dedicate a certain number of hours of work to you, to meet your needs, whether it be training, configuration or IT development.

Oxygis integrates into an existing data environment. Whether it is a matter of integrating a set of information at start-up or carrying out regular synchronization with a GIS, Oxygis puts in place the mechanisms adapted to your context and requirements.

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