Controlling production from A to Z at Lux Green

Located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, LuxGreen specialises in growing Christmas trees. In a region with a harsh climate but particularly favourable to the development of this type of tree, the natural Christmas tree reigns supreme here and is the object of careful attention.
LuxGreen takes care of its plantations from A to Z, from planting to marketing the tree, whether it is 60 centimetres or 20 metres tall.

The needs of LuxGreen

The solutions provided by Oxygis

Inventory all of the plantation plots

LuxGreen is both the owner and tenant of numerous plots of land, spread throughout the country. Thanks to Oxygis, it can now inventory and describe all of its plantation plots and view them centrally and exhaustively.

The Ardennes company was able to import all the cadastral parcels concerned by a plantation, without having to trace them one by one. A considerable time saving, made possible by the Oxygis import module.

Communicate information digitally

The company specialising in Christmas trees has also digitised all of its plantation batches and describes all the useful characteristics: species, variety, number of plants, year of planting, equipment, etc. Data that can now be accessed by all those involved, whether they are in the office or connected to the mobile application on the field. It should be noted that the software can still be used even when network coverage is lacking.

Production control mapping software for Lux Green, specialised in Christmas tree cultivation

Manage its activities

LuxGreen informs its field teams of all the operations to be carried out on the various plots: cutting, chipping, planting, phytosanitary products, various works, etc.
The decision aids offered by Oxygis also enable managers to easily plan work sites and to allocate them in an optimal manner to the various field teams (internal or external).

Give feedback information from the field

From their mobile application, field operations teams can access all useful information: location, instructions, photos, PDF documents, etc. If necessary, they can also send back any information of interest to their managers: conclusions, comments, photos, hours worked, etc.

Logiciel cartographique de contrôle de production pour Lux Green, spécialisée dans la culture de sapins de Noël

"Oxygis allows us to have an exhaustive view of our different cultivation plots. It allows us to easily manage rental leases, the location of our species and the precise location of a particular plot".

Grégory Floener

Managing Director – LuxGreen

Oxygis helps you manage your plots!

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