Facilitating the work
for Fences Neuville

Fences Neuville is a company specialising in fencing for wild and domestic animals. It has been active for over 30 years and operates throughout Belgium, but also in France, Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The needs of Fences Neuville

The solutions provided by Oxygis

Facilitate work sites through better communication

Our software allows Fences Neuville to improve communication between the field operators and the site manager. The latter can, for example, define the location of the work to be carried out and specify all the information required for the work to be carried out : type of fence or gate, customer details, etc.
If he wishes, he can also specify the exact location of the fences, by drawing them on the map during a site visit or directly in his office.
All this data allows the field operators to visualise the work to be carried out more quickly: its location, the deadlines and dates, the type of fencing and installation, etc.

Organise the work of the teams more efficiently

Thanks to Oxygis, Fences Neuville can easily allocate and plan its sites to the various field operations teams.

The latter can access a series of centralised information in their mobile application: location of the site, instructions, photo, PDF document, etc.

If necessary, they can also report any information likely to be of interest to their manager: length of fence placed, conclusions, comments, photos, hours worked…

Mapping software to monitor construction sites for the Neuville fencing company

"Oxygis allows us to have a centralised view of the various upcoming work sites. With the mobile application, we fundamentally improve communication with our guys "

Hervé Neuville

Manager – Fences Neuville

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