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For whom

Oxygis facilitates the management of your forestry resources, from the inventory management of your trees to the geolocation of your plots, including the planning of your forestry operations and the recording of all your activities.

Advantageous for nurserymen, farmers, horticulturists or foresters, Oxygis maps and organises the maintenance of your crops and livestock: inventory of your crops and species, geolocation and planning of operations to be carried out…

Useful for cities, regions, provinces or universities, Oxygis maps and maintains your green spaces, buildings, roads, playgrounds and urban equipment. A collaborative tool, a real decision-making aid.

As an ally of distribution network managers, commodity transporters, public lighting or advertising display operators, Oxygis facilitates the management of your equipment: mapping, planning of your maintenance operations…

Tourist areas, campsites, animal parks, public areas or playgrounds : the Oxygis software simplifies the management of your leisure activities and attractions. From the cartographic inventory of your equipment to maintenance operations.

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