Steering of interventions

Take care of your assets ! Oxygis organises all of your maintenance operations, whether they are one-off or recurrent. Prepare them as well as possible, by sharing different information with your teams.

Planning asset management software

Centralise your operations

Create operations from your assets, issues or directly from the map. View your corrective and preventive maintenance centrally, on the web or the mobile platform.

Planning asset management software
Planning asset management software

Enter useful information

Provide free or structured instructions (location, photo, document, etc.) to make it easier to understand the actions to be taken. Your operators can thus visualise all the tasks to be carried out and access useful information, such as the tools to be taken or the location of the intervention.

Plan your recurring operations

Automate the creation of regular operations, so you never forget to schedule them in your maintenance planning.

Planning asset management software
Planning asset management software

Choose the right team

Assign the most suitable team to each maintenance operation, according to the useful skills and/or areas of responsibility.


Oxygis is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. As such, the web and mobile applications are equipped with the latest cybersecurity technologies, in terms of access and storage of various data. Oxygis also implements established protocols to counter any potential threats around its interfaces.

You need an Internet connection to use Oxygis. However, in the event of a network loss on the mobile version of the mapping software, all modifications and interactions can be made offline and will be synchronised as soon as the connection is re-established.

As Oxygis is a SaaS solution in the cloud, its users benefit from the latest updates as soon as they are available. This applies to both the web version and the mobile application of the software, dedicated to the inventory and maintenance of your assets. In order to provide a quality after-sales service, Oxygis also informs you and accompanies you to help you easily integrate these new features.

The other features

Get better control of your spaces and equipment ! View and update your assets at any time, in the office or on the field.

Quickly deal with issues observed in real time on the field. Efficient asset management that reduces risks and costs.

Centralise all interventions to be carried out on the field. Assign them to the appropriate team and communicate all relevant information to them.

Take advantage of all our benefits ! In addition to our four main functionalities, our software also has a number of cross-cutting options.

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