Optimised maintenance

Improve your asset management and communication with your field operations teams ! Oxygis is a real decision-making aid. Our asset management software not only highlights priority interventions, according to a given context. But it also facilitates your team organisation, quickly and efficiently.

Plan, with the help of the software

Optimise the planning of interventions and the work of your teams by using the decision support tools of our maintenance management software. The software can highlight which jobs are high priority, urgent, near a location, or require certain skills.

Field maintenance management software
Field maintenance management software

View the team calendar

Manage your teams’ weekly and monthly calendars with a simple drag & drop. Inform them of the tasks to be accomplished, live on the field.

Monitor progress in real-time

View the status of each operation, directly from the field teams. And, if necessary, set up a check-in system, enabling your teams to enter each service and its duration.

Field maintenance management software
Field maintenance management software

Dematerialise the execution report

Draw up the work report directly on your mobile, in a free or structured way.


The price of Oxygis licences is adapted according to the category of user.
For public organisations (cities, regions, inter-municipal organisations, etc.), the cost associated with using Oxygis is linked to the number of inhabitants.
For private organisations, it is the number of users that determines the price of the software dedicated to the inventory management and maintenance of your assets.

Oxygis offers dedicated support services in the form of success packs. Our entire team will dedicate a certain number of hours of work to you, to meet your needs, whether it be training, configuration or IT development.

Oxygis integrates into an existing data environment. Whether it is a matter of integrating a set of information at start-up or carrying out regular synchronization with a GIS, Oxygis puts in place the mechanisms adapted to your context and requirements.

The other features

Get better control of your spaces and equipment ! View and update your assets at any time, in the office or on the field.

Quickly deal with issues observed in real time on the field. Efficient asset management that reduces risks and costs.

Plan, supervise and record your corrective or preventive maintenance, depending on the availability and location of your teams.

Take advantage of all our benefits ! In addition to our four main functionalities, our software also has a number of cross-cutting options.

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