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Our story

The idea of a tree lover

Oxygis is first and foremost the story of a tree enthusiast. Since the 1980s, the forestry dendrologist Ramon Reyntiens has been visiting botanical collections around the world to bring back and test new species on his Walloon property. This approach is supported by the forestry cooperative SOCOFOR and the Royal Forestry Society.

Wanting to profitably develop and enhance his forest plots, the forester began looking for software that would allow him to inventory his assets, keep them up to date and plan his maintenance activities. But to no avail. This is how he decided to create Oxygis in 2005.
L'équipe d'Oxygis, le logiciel de gestion de patrimoine

The best of both worlds

With its trusted partner, the consulting and custom application development company Metrum, Oxygis developed a cartographic-based asset management and activity management solution. A web and mobile application, marketed as a SaaS (Service as a Software).

In a single application, all the functionalities required to manage an asset are thus brought together. A unique tool that is complete, intuitive, accessible to all types of profiles and easy to implement!

Opening up to other sectors

After its market launch, Oxygis quickly attracted forestry players, such as operators and cooperatives. However, other sectors are showing interest in this asset management tool, such as public services, municipalities, university campuses, nature parks, recreational areas, private outdoor maintenance and construction companies, and many others.
The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software
The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software

In 2018, a version 2 of the software was released, with new features and a customisable configuration, which meets the needs of multiple sectors. An application in constant evolution, according to the expectations and feedbacks of the community.

Today, Oxygis has clients in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The company’s head office has historically remained in Suxy in Wallonia in the province of Luxembourg, while the company’s premises are based in Dilbeek.

"Oxygis, web and mobile mapping software dedicated to the inventory and maintenance of your assets"

Our philosophy

At the side of our clients

At Oxygis, we are very committed to supporting our clients. We strive to have an efficient customer support and to be at their side throughout their use of our software. This is one of the reasons why dedicated support is an integral part of our service offering.

Constant R&D

We listen to our regular users and try to take their feedback into account as much as possible. Our goal ? To constantly improve their user experience. To achieve this, we invest relentlessly in R&D. We make sure that our tool is constantly evolving, in terms of new features, but also to keep it up to date with new emerging technologies.

A heart in the forest

We never forget who we are and where we come from. Even though Oxygis now works with a variety of sectors, we strive to remain present in the forestry sector, a sector that is particularly close to the heart of our investor and founder, Ramon Reyntiens.

Our team

The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software

Ramon Reyntiens


The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software

François Petre


The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software

Benoît Fekenne

Product Owner

Dimitri Celis

Project Manager

The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software

Benjamin Tarica

Full Stack Developer

The Oxygis team, asset management and maintenance software

Gabriel Curatolo

Full Stack Developer

Nicolas D'hondt

Junior Full Stack Developer

Sander Soetaert

Flutter Lead

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