Simplify the maintenance of your infrastructures

As an ally of distribution network managers, utilities companies, public lighting and advertising operators, Oxygis maps and facilitates the maintenance management of your equipment

Our intervention management software is particularly suitable for:

Archiving your field operations, according to the law or the client

View exhaustively the impetus present in an area

Geolocate the equipment to be controlled

Plan your preventive maintenance operations

Communicate effectively with your internal and external teams

Rely on a customisable and precise tool

Thanks to Oxygis, your employees can successfully manage your infrastructures in a qualitative manner. Our tool is easily customisable, allowing for rigorous and efficient work in any type of environment. Accurate and reliable, it allows your teams to act directly, without having to go through a field reconnaissance stage.

Easily geolocate your equipment in the field

Oxygis offers you an ergonomic and easy-to-access web and mobile platform to geolocate your equipment in the field. Thanks to multiple identification (coordinates, identifier, photograph, NFC scan…), you are sure to be in the right place at the right time.

Access all useful information from the field

Thanks to the Oxygis mobile application, your teams on the field can work in complete control : they can easily access the resources and media attached to each element (plan, instructions, maintenance contract, etc.). Oxygis also keeps a complete history of the actions carried out, which allows you to obtain, with a simple click, all the information necessary for the execution of your operations.

Centralise all useful information

Thanks to the mapping of your infrastructures, identify the elements necessary for your maintenance operations and interventions. Enrich them with additional media (plans, photos, instructions, etc.) to facilitate the work of your teams.

Easily deal with faults in your luminaires

View all the problems found on your various public lighting elements by your field operations teams. And organise a corrective maintenance campaign according to your priorities.

Plan your preventive maintenance

Organise all your maintenance actions for the current period. Then allocate them to your different teams, according to their availability and urgency.


Oxygis is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. As such, the web and mobile applications are equipped with the latest cybersecurity technologies, in terms of access and storage of various data. Oxygis also implements established protocols to counter any potential threats around its interfaces.

You need an Internet connection to use Oxygis. However, in the event of a network loss on the mobile version of the mapping software, all modifications and interactions can be made offline and will be synchronised as soon as the connection is re-established.

As Oxygis is a SaaS solution in the cloud, its users benefit from the latest updates as soon as they are available. This applies to both the web version and the mobile application of the software, dedicated to the inventory and maintenance of your assets. In order to provide a quality after-sales service, Oxygis also informs you and accompanies you to help you easily integrate these new features.

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