Optimising the forestry monitoring of Vereal

Vereal is a company based in Luxembourg, specialising in forest resources : from planting to forestry, this SME provides complete forestry monitoring.

The needs of Vereal in terms of forest resource management

The solutions provided by Oxygis

Define the location of each woodlot

In the Oxygis forest inventory management software, Vereal indicates the location of all the wood parcels purchased and the work sites to be treated. The Luxembourg company describes all the useful information : nature of the soil, type of felling, type of machine required, contact of the owner or the guard, etc. From its offices or directly in the field, via the mobile application.

Add every detail related to the felling and skidding of trees

If necessary, the clerk of Vereal or its forestry operations manager enriches this inventory with useful information. He can thus :
– Digitise the route to be taken by the skidders
– Add photos indicating the entrance to the forest or the type of marking to be used when felling trees

Control forestry activities and monitoring their progress

In the maintenance management software, Vereal provides information on all the operations to be carried out by the field teams on the various forest plots previously entered: felling, delimbing, skidding, transport, planting, various forestry operations, etc.
Very useful: the decision aids offered by Oxygis allow Vereal managers to easily plan the work and communicate it to the various field operations teams.

Simplify the work of field operations teams

From their mobile application, the field operations teams have access to all the information they need to carry out their work: location, instructions, photos, PDF documents, etc. If necessary, they can report any information of interest to their managers: conclusions, comments, location of log piles, photos, hours worked, etc.

Gestion des espaces forestiers avec le logiciel Oxygis

"Through its various functionalities, Oxygis allows us to centralise our knowledge, to communicate efficiently with the field teams and to monitor all our forestry activities.

Andreas Collienne

Agricultural Engineer in Water and Forestry – Vereal

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