Fences Neuville continues to modernise thanks to Oxygis !

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Since 2019, Fences Neuville (BE) has been a major user of Oxygis

Originally, Fences Neuville was looking for a tool that would allow it to manage its sites digitally, efficiently and centrally: in fact, it felt that the exchange of instructions on paper had had its day and that it was important to modernise with efficient tools.

Easy to use, Oxygis proved to be much more: a formidable communication tool between teams who are in the field all day long and an administrative department that needs a clear and rapid overview of ongoing and completed activities.

A reference in the field

Fences Neuville is a forestry fencing company specialising in fencing for wild and domestic animals and has been operating for over 30 years throughout Belgium, France, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Holland.

Having to work in complicated contexts and circumstances, it was important for the Fences Neuville teams to be able to rely on a reliable tool that was at the service of the people in the field rather than the other way round: this is what Oxygis was quickly able to demonstrate via its web and mobile applications.

Oxygis is therefore proud to have, with Fences Neuville, a client who has established a long-term relationship based on trust and sharing !

If you would like to know more about Fences Neuville and its use of Oxygis, please visit their website or contact us by email.


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